July 24, 2016

Prime vs Zoom

Prime vs. Zoom
Which is the best?  A question that has plagued mankind for decades!  :)

A photographic lens where its focal length is fixed or unifocal. 

A photographic lens where its focal lengths vary in a single lens. 

When I first started shooting, I started off with Canon's 24-105 L f4 zoom lens. This is a great lens in perfect lighting situations; however, in low light, this lens gave me a hard time.  Even with an external flash, or hot shoe, there seemed to be lots of grain and noise!  That's when I realized that I needed something that would rage on even in the darkest of times!  Ha!  I had read so much about how fixed focal lengths typically performed well in low light, but I really never knew why!  That's when I did my research, bought my first primes, and haven't turned back!
50 mm 1.2f Canon L Series

July 23, 2016

Baby Baby Baby!

It was an absolute pleasure and honor to photograph my dear friend Chantia and her growing family! I'm so happy for the Hardens as they celebrate a new, beautiful addition to their family...Skylar!   

July 23, 2016

Will and LaToya

It was such an honor to photograph LaToya and Will's wedding! These two are one of the the nicest couples that I have ever worked with. Check out Will's expression when he first saw LaToya!! Priceless. I'm so grateful to have been there to witness and capture moments that they can cherish forever. I wish both of them everlasting love! xoxo ~Tiffany Goliday